Intensity Shuttle: adjusting capture resolution & fps

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Intensity Shuttle: adjusting capture resolution & fps

PostThu Aug 09, 2018 8:32 pm


I am using the Intensity Shuttle to capture an analog (NTSC) camera feed using the composite (video in) port.

I need to capture the feed at 640x480 @ 10 fps and encode it using Divx. I have been unable to determine if the hardware can support that resolution and framerate or how it can be configured using the SDK. Do we need to write out own capture filter that can handle that resolution and framerate?

Our application makes use of the Directshow API and we need to replace our current capture hardware (PCI card). Trying to determine if the Intensity Shuttle will be a suitable replacement without the need to rewrite the entire capture source code - however, we understand that we need to make appropriate updates to our capture graph to support any new hardware.

I've searched the forum for applicable postings, but haven't found any.

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