Desktop Video Version 11.4 and Centos 7.2

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Desktop Video Version 11.4 and Centos 7.2

PostFri Oct 18, 2019 6:06 pm

BMD Decklink Duo2 card with Centos 7.2. BMD driver version is Desktop Video 11.4. with current updates. Utilizing Gnome graphical interface and have icon access to the Blackmagic Desktop Video Setup screen and Blackmagic Firmware Updater.

When selecting BMD Video Setup we are seeing "No Desktop Video Device Detected" We only have a single PCI slot available and previously utilizing the same Decklink Duo2 card with Ubuntu 14.04.

We could not locate any information regarding Desktop Video Version 11.4 on Centos 7.2. Does anyone have experience with this configuration and the "No Desktop Video Device Detected" issue.

Thank you!!!

Brendan Dower

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Desktop Video Version 11.4 and Centos 7.2

PostTue Oct 22, 2019 3:29 am

Hi Tori,

This sounds like it may be a driver installation issue. I responded to your support ticket today, please have a look at your emails for a more detailed response.

Kind regards
Brendan Dower
Blackmagic Design Developer Support

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