Color bars on video output

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Color bars on video output

PostFri Nov 29, 2019 9:37 am

Hi there,

I'm having trouble using ffmpeg to capture video on a specific camera. We have several computers that uses low res cameras, and with those we have no problem.

The moment we use a 720p camera we got a video where several frames, not the whole video, are this "color bars". We are using a c# app that launches the ffmpeg process using the Windows shell, and only when we do it this way we got this output. If we use the same commands that the c# App use directly on the terminal, the video works fine. One of the test we did is to use an upgraded CPU, the rest of the HW is exactly the same, and this way all works properly, so it seems to be a processor problem, even though the CPU does not reach 100% at any moment.

Any idea or test might help!

Thanks in advance.

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