Multi Card Support for Deck-link Mini

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Rahul Chawda

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Multi Card Support for Deck-link Mini

PostWed Apr 19, 2017 1:14 pm

I am using 2 Decklink Mini Recorder and 1 Decklink mini 4K Recorder as HDMI/SDI Input for Large screen Projection Purpose via X-split Broadcaster, for the input in the software it user WDM Capture Device quality of video is Excellent.

thing noticed are after 3-4 hrs for use creating latency, cards are not showing video source...hope will be resolved after updating 10.8.6...yet not updated

need clarification for Multi card use.
i am using 3 cards simultaneously...started giving error IRQL_NOT_Less_Equal-BSOD

please help to clarify muticard support.
1. I can use it or not
2. What is WDM Capure device, where i can get detailed information on this.

Thank You

Waqqas Sharif

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Multi Card Support for Deck-link Mini

PostWed Apr 26, 2017 12:57 am

Hello Rahul,

I understand that you are experiencing a BSOD crash when you are using 3 DeckLink cards simultaneously for capturing.
  • Could you please update to Desktop Video 10.8.6 and see if you still experience a BSOD crash when using 3 DeckLink cards simultaneously?
  • Could you please advise that on what version of Desktop Video you are experiencing this BSOD crash?
  • Could you be able to send through the memory dump file which was created when you experience this crash? Please use the email for Blackmagic Design Developer Support (the email address is in the DeckLink SDK manual in section "1.2  Overview").
There is no technical limit on how many DeckLink devices can be used together, as long as sufficient hardware resources are available.

The user-space capture filters ("Decklink Video capture", "Decklink Audio Capture") have been deprecated for some time, and DirectShow based applications are recommended to use the WDM capture filters.

The WDM capture filter can be used with DirectShow based application to capture on a DeckLink device.

The recommended integration interfaces on Windows are the native DeckLink API, followed by the WDM filters, noting that the WDM filters provide access to only a subset of the functionality of the devices.


Rahul Chawda

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Re: Multi Card Support for Deck-link Mini

PostMon May 08, 2017 7:39 am


its seems to be resolved after update 10.9

we are using this with 2 blackmagic Decklink Mini 2 Nos/Blackmagic Declink 4K

Blackmagic WDM Capture
Blackmagic WDM Capture
Blackmagic WDM Capture

Xsplit Broadcaster WDM capture, and experiencing difficulty in automatic Source Video format selection when selecting input via Blakmagic WDM Capture, as soon as input video format changes window goes blank, and not guaranteed detection again. every time we have to change input format manually, cannot select Auto.

this is not the problem with Blackmagic media Express

Please help to update/select WDM Capture driver to overcome this difficulty.

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