Adding support for VideoHub without having hardware?

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Damyan Minchev

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Adding support for VideoHub without having hardware?

PostMon May 15, 2017 5:52 am

Dear Black Magic Team

I’m eng. Damyan MInchev and I’m the primary technical architect of DV Play. Our company is based in Bulgaria, Sofia and we produce solutions for TV Channels since 2001. Our DV Play 7 playout use your Desktop product /Mini Recorder/Minitor/Duo to produce SDI video outputs/inputs.

For manage video switching our playout solution support Kramer video matrix, but I want to provide support for BlackMagic hardware devices as well. I already add support for ATEM TV Studio, it was quite easy for me to use your C# example in SDK. Now I need to add support for VideoHub as well. The problem is that we have not such VideoHub hardware and we do not want to buy it as we will need it 1-2 weeks just to provide its managements with our software. Can you offer me an acceptable solution? I can guess few approaches:
1. Best will be if you have a have a software emulator which simulate the work of videohub and you can send me for free.
2. Can I rent a video hub from you or from your partner company? We can spent some money on that …
3. Can you offer me a very cheaper videohub - may be with malfunctions – actually I need a hardware just to see it accept commands our software sent to it via IP, if for example some of outputs are damaged this is not a problem.

We are relative small company, however we manage to sale 8-16 Kramer devices yearly with our playout, if we recommended our customers to use BMD videohub many of them will do it as it is cheaper than Kramer.

And last, but also very important – it is in great help you have C# example for ATEM in ATEM SDK, will be good the same to be in VideoHub SDK – now it is on C++ only. It will worth if you spent few hours to re-write C++ example to C#-can you do that?

Best regards, Damyan
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Re: Adding support for VideoHub without having hardware?

PostWed May 17, 2017 11:47 am

Are you aware that this is a user forum? There are some moderators of BMD in here.. but if you really need assistance or need hardware you might want to contact your local BMD sales rep..

I have the same problem myself as a developer so i buy my gear or i rent it for way to much money.. In the end you have to spend money to make money.. ;)
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