OpenGL support in OpenFX plugins in DaVinci Resove

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OpenGL support in OpenFX plugins in DaVinci Resove

PostWed Jul 26, 2017 8:48 am


I develop OpenFX plugin and can't make Resolve to render in OpenGL mode. Does anyone know if DaVinci Resolve supports rendering in OpenGL mode?

In kOfxActionDescribe I check the value of kOfxImageEffectPropOpenGLRenderSupported in the host property set. It is set to "true". Then I set this property to true to the effect's property set.

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    const char *oglSupport = NULL;
    gPropHost->propGetString(gHost->host, kOfxImageEffectPropOpenGLRenderSupported, 0, &oglSupport);
    std::cout << "oglSupport = " << oglSupport << std::endl;          //olgSupport == "true"
    // get the property handle for the plugin
    OfxPropertySetHandle effectProps;
    gEffectHost->getPropertySet(effect, &effectProps);
    //enable OpenGL processing
    gPropHost->propSetString(effectProps, kOfxImageEffectPropOpenGLRenderSupported, 0, "true");

I can fetch pointer to kOfxOpenGLRenderSuite suite successfully.

BUT! kOfxActionOpenGLContextAttached is never called and kOfxImageEffectPropOpenGLEnabled is not set during kOfxImageEffectActionRender action.

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        int oglEnabled = -1;
   status = gPropHost->propGetInt(inArgs, kOfxImageEffectPropOpenGLEnabled, 0, &oglEnabled);

oglEnabled == -1 always

What am I doing wrong?


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