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DirectShow status?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:50 am
by Sergey Kuratov

My card is Blackmagic DeckLink SDI 4K and Windows 10x64 environment.

I started to include Blackmagic SDI support in my application.
But my application is based on DirectShow and I would like to keep it so.
So I downloaded SDK 10.9.5 and build samples.
What was strange for me: GraphStudio shows just black screen, DecklinkCapture also shows black screen, and so on for all DirectShow samples. But CapturePreview works. And OBS studio also works. Blackmagic Media also works well.

I wonder did I make something wrong or Blackmagic doesn't support DirectShow well ?

Thank you, Sergey Kuratov.

Re: DirectShow status?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:41 am
by Matt Jefferson
Dear Sergey

Our official status is below
Blackmagic Design's general recommendation for professional applications is to use the DeckLink C++ API directly for application development.

DirectShow and WDM filters are available, however they provide a subset of the functionality available via the DeckLink API. It should also be noted that the older user-space DirectShow filters are deprecated in favour of the WDM capture filters. You should not expect support nor enhancements / feature development for DirectShow functionality.

Thank you.
Matt Jefferson