BMD arduino shield not always receiving data

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Sam Cole

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BMD arduino shield not always receiving data

PostMon Nov 20, 2017 11:14 pm

I was having a play with the SDI shield while learning programming.
I wrote a little app to read the incoming SDI data but there seems to be large chunks that go missing.

There are cyclic blocks about every 4 seconds and then I change settings on the software control panel some don't always get sent eg camera gain.

Is this a known issue? sam :>?
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Re: BMD arduino shield not always receiving data

PostTue Nov 21, 2017 12:55 pm

Yes this is a known problem.

But as the protocol will update all parameters once every few seconds it will update inventually..

That is why i use my own chipset for decoding SDI data. And did this decoding a half year before bmd came with the shield. ;) Using a databuffer get's me every command that comes by SDI.

I heared that BMD had a fix for this but they still did not put this update open for download. Several companies use already the new firmware for this board for a few months now.. So i don't know were the wait is for.. I guess they will update the FW and software library somewere in the next half year to accomedate the new features in the protocol like PTZ data.
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