VANC formats across various cards

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VANC formats across various cards

PostMon Mar 26, 2018 5:11 pm


I am doing a bunch of work with VANC, and would like to get some clarification on the formats expected across different cards.

The BlackMagic SDK has the following statement:

"When capturing ancillary data with a 4K DeckLink device, the ancillary data will always be in the 10-bit YUV pixel format."

This raises three questions:

1. Is there any sort of configuration property which can be interrogated to determine whether the VANC should always be in V210? Or should I interpret the sentence literally and enumerate all the formats supported by the card, see if any are for 4K, and if so always do V210?

2. For non-4K cards which VANC format be used if putting out video in one of the RGB modes as opposed to UYVY or V210?

3. The sentence in the SDK is in the section describing VANC capture. Does it also effect the expected formats to be used for VANC output as well? Should VANC output always be in V210 for 4K cards regardless of the video format?

Thanks in advance,

Devin Heitmueller

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