Issue with Selecting media player

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Issue with Selecting media player

PostThu Apr 05, 2018 7:24 pm

Hey guys, so i'm using the API SDK to develop a control program to ATEM Switcher.
I was able to upload a .tga file and get it to media player 1 key. The problem is that i need to make hat image overlay the image from the camera. I'm able to do it thru ATEM Control, but if i pass an index bigger than 9 to the function "IBMDSwitcherDownstreamKey::SetInputCut(int index)" the program doesnt change to media player. (If less than 9, the program works fine transitionig in cameras and black screen)

Does anyone know how to proceed? Appreciate the attention!

Ian Morrish

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Re: Issue with Selecting media player

PostFri Apr 06, 2018 9:31 am

Don't know what SDK version you are looking at but the value should be a valid BMDSwitcherInputId which for MP1 or MP2 the key values are 3011 or 3021 IBMDSwitcherDownstreamKey::SetInputCut method The SetInputCut method sets the cut input source.
Syntax HRESULT SetInputCut (BMDSwitcherInputId inputId)
Ian Morrish
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