How to get the input singal status and format?

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How to get the input singal status and format?

PostMon Jul 02, 2018 1:38 am

I'd like to get the input singal status and format. I currently use dshow to access decklink capture card, i have try the IDecklinkStatus::GetVideoInputStatus, but it not work, the videoStatus and genlockStatus always return zero. Here is my code segment:

CComPtr<IDecklinkStatus> pds;
HRESULT hr = pFilter->QueryInterface(IID_IDecklinkStatus, (void**)&pds);
if (FAILED(hr)){
return hr;

int videoStatus=0, genlockStatus=0;
hr = pds->GetVideoInputStatus(&videoStatus, &genlockStatus);
if (SUCCEEDED(hr)){
bHaveInput = (videoStatus == DECKLINK_INPUT_PRESENT) ? TRUE : FALSE;

I just create the decklink capture source, not add it into a graph.
And how to get the input format, suchas 1080i50?

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