1080p30fps support on Windows

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1080p30fps support on Windows

PostTue Jul 31, 2018 4:50 pm


Hardware: DeckLink Quad2
Driver: 10.11.1 (already tried older drivers )
OS: Windows
Software: BlackMagic Media Express and Sample application

I am using DeckLink Quad2 which is getting input streams from Axis Camera. Axis camera capture mode is set at 1080p (HDMI) @ 30fps. Now I am having few issues and little confused about software

1) When I use Media Express it plays stream fine for settings above. Is Media Express using directshow for getting streams? I read somewhere that BlackMagic Media Express uses proprietary protocol/communication method. Can anyone please confirm.
2) But, when I try to capture using DeckLink directshow sample application (
Code: Select all
Blackmagic_DeckLink_SDK_10.11.1\Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 10.11.1\Win\DirectShow\Samples\bin
) it does not provide option for 1080p @ 30. Is it a known issue? Spec sheet says it supports 1080p@30fps.

In short I am trying to support 1080p@30 and 1080p@60 on my windows application using directshow.



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Re: 1080p30fps support on Windows

PostWed Feb 13, 2019 3:27 am

I have the same problem, i use Decklink mini capture 4K with HD-SDI camera (1080p 30fps). I can get pictures in MediaExpress, but in DirectShow not support 1080p30.
Have you solved this, can you give me some advise ??
Thank you very much

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