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teranex mini tico

PostWed Oct 03, 2018 8:50 am


With a teranex mini, we can send SDI stream trough a Ethernet Gigabits connection.

Standart workflow :
Camera -> SDI -> teranex mini -> RJ45 -> teranex mini -> SDI -> monitor

Can we use a SDK solution in order to read the stream in a C# WPF software ?

Desired workflow :
Camera -> SDI -> teranex mini -> RJ45 -> wifi -> Microsoft surface -> C# WPF software -> Screen

I have asked to Tico but they respond me that their codec is encrypted inside a BMD stream...

Thanks in advance of any tip !
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Re: teranex mini tico

PostThu Oct 11, 2018 7:42 pm

Because of "lossless" codec Tico 4:1 it is quite heavy data to decode on a computer. a 1080P50 signal would be 3Gbit/s 4:1 ratio would make 750Mbit/s data stream to read.. :(

Compared to NDI which does this in 35Mbit/s ;)

You rather want to put a decklink card in a computer and just capture from that!! Sdi input and direct out by sdk. ;)
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