Video device on Linux

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Video device on Linux

PostWed Jan 30, 2019 11:59 am

Hi everybody,

this is my first post here. I'm beginning to develop a PoC using a DeckLink Mini Recorder on linux. I've installed the driver, and I'm going to compile ffmpeg to be able to work with the card. I'd like to incorporate the card with our Java application.

My first approach was to look for the video device on linux (something like /dev/video0) since I thought it would show a kind of v4l device. Some years ago I developed some C++ app using a DeckLink Studio and I remember using something like that, but maybe my memory tricks me. I remeber using the SDK, but not sure about the device driver. So I have two questions:

- In order to use the card from Java, is enough to compile ffmepg with support for the card?
- Should I use ffmpeg? I've tried to search for native Java code to use the DeckLink, but maybe I didn't found a good result, since all I see seems to be JNI's around the drivers, or wrappers around ffmpeg.

Thanks in advance!


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