DeckLink Duo 2 appears as WebCams in Windows and OpenCV

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DeckLink Duo 2 appears as WebCams in Windows and OpenCV

PostMon Feb 18, 2019 9:07 am

I have the Decklink working from the COM driver - All OK

However, In Windows the DUO shows up as 4 USB web cam devices, this is a pain for me as I have to interface to a mix of Web cam devices and the DeckLink. So the DeckLink, is chaff in the webcam input device list. Under OpenCV AFAIK you can only open a USB device with a number, this makes it very difficult for the user to find the right device, as the real web cam number is mixed in with the false ones.

Of course the false webcam devices do not work, some open and give black screens and some do not open. The device numbering seems quite random and is shuffled if you plug in another device.

Is there a way to poll or enumerate these devices?

Thanks in advance

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