linux cpu pin with multiple quad duo cards

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linux cpu pin with multiple quad duo cards

PostWed Mar 13, 2019 5:22 am

not sure if this is the right forum for the question, apologies if there is a better place for it.

i have a server that we've dropped multiple quad duo cards in it, running multiple copies of an inhouse developed app. for performance reasons i'd like to pin copies of my app to cpus that have been isolated from the linux scheduler; i'd like them to run alone on a core to prevent cache invalidation and numa memory issues.

i've disabled both numa balancing and irqbalance and added isolcpu to the boot line to remove the cores from teh scheduler to prevent linux scheduling threads on those cores. i've also tried binding the process to a single core with a stock linux without those modifications.

in both cases the app fails to start as the driver doesn't seem to be able to send interrupts into the software. i never get into the mode autodetect code in my callback to properly start up. this happens both with the modified linux, and in modified when i try to pin to a core. when i do not try to pin to a core and let linux schedule it, everything works fine (and has been on stock unmodified for the last year or so).

can this be done?

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