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PostTue Mar 26, 2019 3:15 pm

Mac mini 8GB + Blackmagic UltraStudio Express + only HDMI

What did we do?
Three years ago we wrote our own software (Flask/Python/nginx),
with which we can send curl "Start Record" && "Stop Record" to the mac mini.
With the "Stop", the software then created its own directory and stored the video file there. So far, so simple.

For the direct address of the "UltraStudio Express" we built the tool "bmdcapture", which was possible with bmdtools.

Sometimes there are problems.
Namely when a playback and a record process run in parallel.
Apple's Activity App shows extreme CPU peaks when a recording is running.
However, the CPU is synchronously loaded when doing the recording with the "Desktop Video",
which we would also like to do, if "Desktop Video" had an API for "Start Record" and "Stop Record".

What we're looking for:
The simplest solution would be an API for "Desktop Video" that can be accessed remotely.

Or we would like to rebuild "bmdcapture".
But both the OS level and the libraries have released so many major releases that it's not that easy anymore. Can you help somehow that one of the two solutions could work?

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