Does the BMD Quad HDMI DeckLink support CEC?

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Does the BMD Quad HDMI DeckLink support CEC?

PostThu Aug 01, 2019 6:20 pm

I looked through all the manuals, the DeckLink SDK documentation, searched the forums and dug around online but couldn't seem to locate even the remotest of answers to the question "Does the Quad HDMI DeckLink support CEC?"

I recently purchased a Quad HDMI DeckLink. Very happy with my purchase and even happier that it has a comprehensive API.

Currently I am capturing video feeds from multiple consumer SONY CyberShot HX30V 1080p cameras. The cameras support CEC (HDMI for CTRL) responding to remote power-on, power-off and "capture" commands.

I would like to know if the Quad HDMI DeckLink supports the CEC protocol (pin 13/14/17 for Type C/Mini) and exposes it in any fashion. Again, I've searched through the DeckLink SDK reference and didn't find anything under either CEC or CTRL search terms.

I can solve the problem with a $50 USB-CEC adapter, but if I can develop, i.e. write a custom library & utility, as an integrated solution that can turn on all the cameras and switch them to the correct mode via CEC, and make the solution as an OBS and/or Wirecast plugin and a companion command line application that would obviously be my preferred solution.

Any information greatly appreciated.

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