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MPlatform release highlights

PostFri Dec 20, 2013 3:16 pm

MPlatform is a software development kit that helps users build professional broadcast applications with C#, VB.NET, VB6, C++ and Delphi and includes direct integration with hardware I/O from Blackmagic Design.

A new version of MPlatform is now available for download ( Release highlights include:

- Added internal support of YouTube URLs as network stream sources. Added automatic re-initialization of USB devices.
- Improved streamcapture for Blackmagic Design devices: prevents audio/video async and framedrops on some hardware units.
- Added new rate control and buffering logic
- Added statistics support for Live, Preview and Renderer objects
- Added new bitrate calculation algorithm for network streams to monitor the bitrate value in real time.
- Added MJPEG format decoding logic improvement that speeds up the decoding process and reduces CPU load.
- Fixed bug that could cause MDelay crashes during longer time shifts.
- New MRenderer architecture improves stability and quality when playing out to devices (including those by Blackmagic Design).
- A new CharacterGenerator performance mode ('overlay.thread' property) enables the preparation of the overlay in a separate process.
- New MMixer modes ('master' and 'drop_frames' properties) ensure maximum possible quality for the master stream.
- Added Bypass Relays support for devices by Blackmagic Design.

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