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Digital Garden Upgrades 12G-SDI Machine Room With Blackmagic

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:51 pm
by Kerry de Boer
Blackmagic Design today announced that Tokyo based post production house Digital Garden updated to a new 12G-SDI machine room using Blackmagic Design’s Teranex AVs and Teranex Minis.

To support a number of new 4K editing and grading suites, the new machine room will be built around a 12G-SDI workflow, and will also include a number of Blackmagic Design 12G products, including Smart Videohub 12G 40x40, Videohub Master Controls, Videohub SmartControls, HyperDeck Studio12Gs, MultiView 4 and Mini Converters.

The newly updated facility replaced the original 1.5G-SDI HD/SD workflow that was built 11 years ago. Due to the need for editing and grading rooms being able to support 4K increasing at Digital Garden, they decided to make the system totally 4K compatible. The machine room now connects to two audio suites, four online editing suites and a grading suite, totaling seven suites which are controlled by Blackmagic's Smart Videohub router as the core of the system.

To learn more, please visit: ... 0170628-02