Movie fun: Terminator Dark Fate, The Dark Night, TheKing etc

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Movie fun: Terminator Dark Fate, The Dark Night, TheKing etc

PostTue Nov 05, 2019 10:29 am

Movie fun: Terminator Dark Fate, The Dark Night, The King, and House of Cards TV series.

Occasionally I'll get well enough to really enjoy things. Such was the case days ago and I watched some really good movies.

I watch a new release on Netflix, The King, about King Henry the fifth, based on Shakespeare's Henerina set of plays.

In the 14th century, it follows the ruse of a young empathetic wastrel Henry to statesman king. Brilliant. The some ghtly Shakespearean English is a bit hard to follow at the low mutterances after midnight, but the acting the story, are quite brilliant in their entirety. I forget much, but I think I sensed a down to earth, but reserved, updated version of the 1960's period portrayal ethic. Very refreshing. This is the sort of thing we should have in our cinemas, I would actually pay to see, but our tightly American controlled cinema time racially discriminates against.

I latter turned my attention to The Dark Night, which I have seen before. It was about evident from the first movie in that series, that there was something dircisl there, despite being able to frequently see the top of the Aircraft Hanger it's street sets were built in. In this movie, Christian Bale's steady stoic Batman is brilliantly played off against by Heath Ledger's Joker portrayal. I watched closely have a movements and acting style, really next level, and one of the great portrayals of All Time, well deserving of an Oscar, even post posthumously, as a life time achievement. You could really see the Australianess in there, of letting loose, particularly the car scene with him sticking his head out the window to sense the air. Only occasionally he momentarily broke down to a mad Max level of acting, but so fleetingly, you might not notice it. Keeping in character there fluently would have been very taxing, unless you are loosing it. Where as the current Joker, which people claim is great acting, seems very disjoint to me, and not flowing like insane people do and are. It can not really compare, even if it is trying to outdo Heath Ledger's portrayal by being more realistic. Bradley Cooper could do a much more flowing portrayal. It is like it is turning on and off the insaness, without the movements inbetween. It is such a shame there wasn't 5 movies, and the same for last decades Spiderman. You hear people getting sick of their most famous role, wanting to do more, but then never getting anywhere much afterwards. If only these movies had a few more it would have been good book ends for them. But that was then.

I thought to watch the Dark Night Rises again, but the next night saw The Terminator Dark Fate. Boy, finally a good Terminator movie again worth seeing. I would love to have seen a sequel to the last one though. But, all these Terminator reboots are hard to take, there are so many of them, maybe even I'll be rescuer of humanity in the next one, for about ten seconds at the start of the film before another reboot (call me :) ). You want to be the next Terminator, just wait long enough and see! Anyway, adrenaline Rush sh done well, and nicely done. Not what we can say for many American 1980's SciFi reboot movies. A good sense of acting and presence, with a fairly nice story line (it is for action SciFi though).

Anyway, then started the series The House of Cards. Now, I'm not fan of Kevin Spacey as an actor, but this was really good for him. Apart from the stage like halting forced acting if the first episodes, it has tact, performance and piose. I noticed the made in Red logo, and thought I should evaluate the footage, but as maybe around 2:30AM, I quickly forgot that by the time I started the next episode.

Plot, a bunch of evil lying people try to upsurp other maybe less evil people. So, not much to see apart from the acting movements and the ussual.
Often people deceive themselves so much they do not understand, even when the truth is explained to them.

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