The Real Name policy is unsafe

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The Real Name policy is unsafe

PostTue Nov 05, 2019 9:09 pm

I've been able to Google the real names and usernames of various forum members and find:

- places of employment
- social media accounts
- dick pix
- racist slurs
- social media accounts with dick pix and racist slurs

More than enough to blackmail. Besides which people post their logs and details about the hardware and software they use here (including logs), it's a disaster waiting to happen. I'm not thrilled my name was linked to this account without my consent either, especially since the information was only given when I registered the program. That was some BS there. I fully expect the messenger to be shot here and the topic locked, but maybe, instead, Blackmagic can reconsider it's ill advised policy.

As a child I was taught by my parents to never use your real name online or give out any personally identifying information. That was back in the early 90s. At some point Facebook, in an exploitative effort, made it popular to throw caution to the wayside. As a result we have a clown as president*. Please stop imitating bad, unsafe, policies. Some of us have stalkers or otherwise need (or simply want) the anonymity.

* without real names the Russians would have had a more difficult time microtargeting actual voters.

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