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HI GUYS my movie need your support

PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:20 pm
by Donnell Henry
SYNOPSIS:In 2025 a Team of Highly Trained Military Contractors Struggle to Survive after Encountering a Government Project aimed at Global Domination named Vesuvius

hi guys i'm a filmmaker currently in pre production for my film Vesuvius,i'm raising funds on
and would love to have you check out my page on Indiegogo. I have some great perks for you guys if you pledge .Go on Indiegogo and in the search box type Vesuvius.If you need more info about the film you can go to and also type Vesuvius in the search box to see info on me, the actors and general info about the film. My indiegogo Campaign is active until january 14th. I'll be shooting this film on a Bmcc and hopefully the Bmpc 4k if it arrives in time.(The teaser was shot on a canon 7d)