Shielding Power Cables from Video

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Shielding Power Cables from Video

PostSat Nov 24, 2012 2:14 pm

Hi Guys

I'm sure I'm not the only using non-CCU type cameras in a studio environment.

How do you deal with powering your cameras, obviously using batteries is not really an option, especially with full day shooting.

At the moment, we have the base power station of the camera attached to the trip then have to run a 10m mains cable from the tripod in a mesh cable tidy, but we also have video cables in this same cable tidy going into our ATEM 1.

Not ideal I know to mix video and power, so how do you deal with powering your cameras, whilst keeping a tidy and safe studio.

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Re: Shielding Power Cables from Video

PostSun Nov 25, 2012 3:19 pm

Interesting question. When a well known manufactors like "Klotz" oder "Sommer" offes combines video / power cable, it schould work. Maybe a power supply with 12V DC would be better for short distances like in a studio, because of less induction from power to video. Professional 14- or 26-Pin Cables also work with 12 V.

For long distances (100m) I may be would choose AC voltage (Europe 230 V), because of the voltage drop.
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