BMD support. How BMD treats customers

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BMD support. How BMD treats customers

PostMon May 01, 2017 3:52 am

Hi friends !

I have read a lot of very critical posts, on this and other forums, even aggressive about BMD customers/tech support. The "rumor" is usually: "BMD products are low cost and very high quality, but BMD doesn't care about customers" (expecially when devices don't work, and support is very important). I have often read about customers that feels "being abandoned" by the company.

My experience with BMD support has been definitely the exact opposite: I could describe it so: kindness, efficiency and welcoming behaviour. I was never better treated by a customer support.

i have told what has happened in a video. Here it's not allowed to post external links, so if you want to watch it, please search on Youtube for "BLACKMAGIC CUSTOMERS' SUPPORT. MICRO HDMI ISSUE on bmpcc"

Regards !

Mauro Casotti, Italy

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