Atomos Ninja Inferno and Decimator Problem

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Lance Lewis

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Atomos Ninja Inferno and Decimator Problem

PostTue May 02, 2017 1:21 am

So I just ordered the new ninja inferno from atoms to go with my jib (the monitor states it is viewable outside). Out of my camera I am running HDMI down the arm to a decimator located at the base. From here I take the HDMI out of the decimator to the monitor and the SDI out to the live switch. Everything connects up fine but after a period of time (one hour to a two hours) the monitor says "no signal". I put my regular crappy 19" TV back on the jib and put the inferno away so I could finish my job. Took it home upgraded the firmware on inferno...same problem the next day. The inferno seems to work correctly with a direct connection to a camera through HDMI but with the decimator inline, something isn't working right. NOTE: it doesn't say "No input" like when you says, "no signal"

Decimator performed perfectly when the inferno wasn't being used.

Thoughts? Can anyone else speak to this?
-Lance Lewis
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Re: Atomos Ninja Inferno and Decimator Problem

PostTue May 02, 2017 7:10 pm

And which part is a Blackmagic?? :P

Okee for 1.. Long HDMI on your camera down the boom.. Beem there, done that.. Not good..
Yes it will work fine.. But it will give trouble.. It could even be that some frames are corrupted that it will set off the atomos or decimator in some way that it crashes..

I have the Shogun and my experience is that it heats up a lot after some time of use.. HDMI is a hit and miss all the time on my Shogun.. Like it is very picky on what you put into it..

I guess you have the Decimator MD-HX? or Cross.. Field proven devices that don't run hot. and are not picky at all.. So i don't suspect the problem there..
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Dave Del Vecchio

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Re: Atomos Ninja Inferno and Decimator Problem

PostTue May 02, 2017 8:44 pm

I haven't tried this exact configuration (using a Decimator between the camera and Ninja Inferno), but I have had success using an HDMI splitter between camera and Ninja Inferno. Here was the configuration: HDMI out of camera (25 ft cable) to an HDMI splitter (Sewell SplitDeck 4K). HDMI out from splitter into Ninja Inferno, second HDMI out from splitter into HDMI to SDI converter (with long cable run back to switcher).

With this configuration I was able to run 12 hours straight without any problems with the Ninja Inferno. Video format was 2160p60. Note that this was indoors, and the Ninja Inferno was just being used as a monitor (was not recording), both of which may have reduced the likelihood of the Ninja Inferno overheating.

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