Getting into the industry

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Getting into the industry

PostThu Jul 06, 2017 2:52 pm

Hi guys,
I just finished my college course in Digital Media (graphic design and such) with a final degree of A. Even though I've learned a lot about software like Photoshop and Illustrator, I've developed passion towards visual effects and video compositing software in general (particularly Fusion). I was once working on the VR project that required me to use Fusion, immediately fell in love with it and did my Graded Unit in the same technology. Even though my grade would allow me to continue my education in Graphic Design on many universities around Scotland, it would be impossible to transfer for the third year in any course related to the film making. As some of yous noticed, I'm constantly asking around how to achieve some effects or do some things in Fusion because I'm desperate to try to work my way into the internships/jobs that would allow me to continue (or shall I call it starting all over) my education, but in the branch that actually interests me.
Here lays question to you guys, as I reckon, some of you are working in the industry.

What should be my steps to develop myself in this industry?
What are you looking for in an interns?
How did YOU do it?
Do you think that with just a basic knowledge of using, no prior experience in VFX, are there any chances of some kind of a mentoring/learning internship?

If anyone of yous made is this far reading through my post, please, share your knowledge.
I would be eternally grateful.


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