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Suggest to future investment for BMD :-D

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:55 am
by carlomacchiavello
Blackmagic Design start like hardware company, then start to buy software house like Davinci, Digital Fusion, actually also Fairlight.
They often choose a good software but not so popular, or ... a bit outdated (eyeon, i have license of dfusion fromk 90'), and help to reborn it.
Now to complete a ring, they need a good 3d software to add VFX, simulation and more.
I suggest to buy from NewTek the Lightwave3d Division.
Lw is a good software also if it has an old structure, it offert fast workflow, a robust fast and high quality rendering, a quite complete workflow to produce for tv show and movie. Very oriented for realtime rendering, connection with virtual studio and motion capture in realtime, used to develop the Vad of Avatar, and not only.
BMD help to reborn with a success every software that they bought, i hope they will think to buy Lw3d division.