Suggestion for Workaround/solution DAM and Resolve

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Suggestion for Workaround/solution DAM and Resolve

PostMon Sep 18, 2017 10:22 am

i was thinking about how to organize my media. Over the time i collect a lot asset (videoclips) which i want/can/must use in upcoming projects. There are some software out in the market. Some affordable some others in a price range which maybe tv station can afford....

What i want do are quite basic things. Import the clips from media coming from the camera. i.e. SSD or whatever. Watching the clips, marking them good or bad, add metadata and so on. I think this is called "ingesting footage"... then copy these clips to a storage place. (Maybe transcode them also)

When i start a new project i go into this database, search for keywords which i gave in step 1, then when i have a list of found clips with this keywords copy these clips to my working or project folder/drive. Then import them in Resolve.

I found some solutions for example CatDV wich is nice and has affordable price. But i did not figured out how to implement the metadata in the clips that i also can see them later on in resolve and have the possibility to make smartbins from this metadata.

So my question is: does anybody uses such a kind of software?

Thanks in advance
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