Stepping down a 14.4 to 7.2 to power BMMCC + montior

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Stepping down a 14.4 to 7.2 to power BMMCC + montior

PostThu Oct 12, 2017 7:50 am

Maybe someone here is good with batteries and electronics.

My goal - To create a rear mounted battery sled that powers the Micro cinema camera and the smallhd dp4 at the same time via a sony bp-u60 14.4 battery

The camera's lp-e6 mount is rated for 7.2-8.4v and the monitor has a dc in at 12-20v i believe. As such I'd like to include a way to by pass the down converter and have a dc out put of 14.4v to run the monitor via it's dc port.

The idea is that the adaptor clips into the LP-E6 slot on the micro camera and has a rear shelf for the sony bpu60 battery to sit in horizontally against the rear of the camera. A different version and example of a similar product is here, the NP-F bridge This one is for the l series sony np-f rated at 7.2v and sits vertically which I don't like the look of. this version is straight forward as no power conversion is needed, however when trying to run this setup with both the camera and the monitor, the camera shuts down once the battery gets to 7v and the monitor continues to run. There is still a heap of energy in the battery.

Now would using the 14.4v battery buck converted with this board down to 7.2v and 3.5-4amp make the battery stay at 7.2v for much longer and use more of the batteries capacity for both the camera and monitor?

Thank you for your assistance, please inform me if this is even possible to achieve safely.

edit - also. How would I figure out the AMP output of the sony bp-u60 battery and the amp draw of the camera and monitor to ensure the battery provides enough amps?

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