Closed: (Anamorphic) Kowa 16-D with Redstan Clamp and More

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Closed: (Anamorphic) Kowa 16-D with Redstan Clamp and More

PostSun Oct 15, 2017 11:56 pm

Hi, I am selling a Kowa 16-D anamorphic lens in excellent condition. It's a great piece of gear if you're into anamorphic shooting. It is sharp, it produces wonderful subtle blue/purple flares (I usually dislike flares but I'm in love with these) and it has great anamorphic character. It is also very lightweight.

The Kowa 16-D is in great condition. I bought it on Ebay this summer but I have barely used it and it has been stored very safely in a dry box. The glass is in pristine condition and the image quality is superb. Some signs of wear on the rear barrel but totally insignificant, especially since this part will be hidden behind your clamp. Comes with Kowa front and rear caps.

I am selling it with a Redstan clamp with 52mm thread made specifically for this lens. Redstan clamps are known as the highest-quality clamps on the market for vintage anamorphic lenses. If needed, I can also include a 55 to 52mm step-down ring as a gift (if your taking lens has a 55mm filter thread).

Finally, I am also selling an HTN adapter ring that can be screwed onto the Kowa 16-D to attach the Rectilux Hardcore DNA. Though never used, this is an incredibly useful piece of gear if you want to turn this set-up into a stable single-focus solution.

Price: $370 for Kowa 16-D and Redstan Clamp (shipping included, +$10 outside Europe)
+$35 for HTN Adapter ring

Please let me know if you want to see any video samples and I can PM you some files. This lens is smaller than the Kowa 16-H or Bell & Howell and could cause some vignetting depending on the focal length of your taking lens and your camera sensor. On the Ursa Mini, you will get amazing results without any vignetting on a 85mm or 90mm lens. If you have any questions, do not hestitate to ask! Cheers.

Kowa 16d 3.jpg
Kowa 16d 3.jpg (250.77 KiB) Viewed 681 times
Kowa 16d 2.jpg
Kowa 16d 2.jpg (242.75 KiB) Viewed 681 times
Kowa 16d 1.jpg
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