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Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Announced

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:30 am
by Peter Odio
Apple will release FCPX 10.4 latter this year.

I have been using DaVinci 12.5 more than FCPX lately, but will welcome the update.


New Features
-360 tools built in including 360 and 360 3D titles built in motion.
-Clone tool for rig concealment at bottom of 360 frame.
-Horizon straightening tool in 360
-Custom 360 transitions built with the new version of motion
-Support for onscreen 360 and headset display at the same time
-Support for HDR
-New Colour Wheels with RGB and Hue/Saturation Curves
-Manual white balance using a colour picker (yay!)
-New preference for what colour correction control is shown first on clip
-Support for additional camera LUTs
-Custom LUTs can be loaded per clip in Inspector
-Custom LUTs can be added as an effect
-Role based forward/back clip selection (i.e. it can ignore titles)
-Extra Programmable functions for colour correction to be mapped onto keyboard
-Existing Projects with colour board colour correction not affected - just extra controls added
-10.4 on iMac Pro can play 4K native RED footage with colour correction & title overlay unrendered on the timeline
-10.4 on iMac Pro can play optimised (ProRes 4444) in 8K with colour correction and effects in an unrendered timeline
-HEVC Support
-Can import an iOS iMovie project into FCPX 10.4


Re: Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Announced

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:24 pm
by Peter Odio

A close-up of the wheels, the controls in the middle are like joysticks


The new colour curves. Clicking on a point on the canvas puts a corresponding mark on the curve as shown at the top


Hue/Saturation - the bottom one can be selected to any colour.


Auto white colour picker at last!!! It seems to work well.


Cool iMac Pro with space gray keyboard and mouse!