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One Little Goat Ver 3 Micro Camera a Remote For Sale

PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:38 am
by Denny Smith
Selling a new (open box) One Little Remote Ver 3 by Phil for $195with free shipping is USA.
Overseas OK, you pay actual shipping cost. Original cost is $225 USD with shipping to USA, and is currently out of stock. Save AU shipping costs. New Open Box —Only used to test on my Micro Cinema Camera. Selling because I decided to go with the OLG Lite model. Works with both Micro Cinema or Micro Studio Camera. New “Open Box” used for testing only.

Phil is coming out with a firmware update to support the new remote features in FW 4.7.1

I also have a OLG Remote Ver 2 (which supports the BM Ursa Mini Handle on Lanc) For Sale $95 with free shipping in USA.

For the remotes details see: