Short Eizo CG 247X Review

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Short Eizo CG 247X Review

PostSat Mar 24, 2018 12:49 pm

Hi there,

Since I found very few reviews about this monitor, I want to give a super short review. First of all thanks to some folks over at Lift Gamma Gain who recommended me this monitor.

I had a lot of struggle before I bought this monitor:
- Is it worth the price?
- is 24'' big enough
- And the biggest concern was: will Full HD be suffiecient?

I also looked at the CG2730 and the CG277 (the Eizo 4K was out of my price league). Eventhough the CG2730 had a better resolution at the same contrast ratio it didn't feature a full calibrator. Of course I could just buy a i1 Pro, but I didn't want to spend an extra 300$ since the monitor is already so expensive. Also the CG247X features 2 x 3D LUT which I don't need now but maybe one day. The older Eizos also have a nicer finishing than the newer ones. Yes, they are more bulky, but feel less plasticy to me.

Here's what I really like about the CG 247X:

- Really great Blacks
- great Uniformity
- Color Navigator is a treat to use
- Has all color spaces: REC 709, ARGB, sRGB...
- Features a fully functional color probe
- Very 'organic' picture --> smooth gradation from black to white

Regarding 4K vs. Full HD:

Sitting 60cm away from the screen I barely see a difference! Yes 4K is sharper and smoother but I'd rather have all the other features than just the resolution (or you have 5k$ to buy Eizo 4k model). I initially bought the monitor for a an exhibition of fine art prints: we made big prints using 30mp RAW files - turned out perfect. Full HD was sufficient.

On of the highlights for me: Because - compared to NECs - Eizo is also aimed to videographers it has a nice HZ frequency range and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I GET SMOOTH 24P PLAYBACK: not stuttering, no smeering - the motion is so smooth you wouldn't believe how big a difference this monitor is in combination with the BMD Mini Monitor 4K. People here claimed in an older post that the 60Hz of the monitors isn't the issue, rather the speed of my panning. Well it isn't! Alone this makes it worth buying it!

Things I dislike:

-the monitor hood can't be used in portrait mode
-the HDMI / DP etc. connectors are hard to reach

Is it worth the price? 100 %!

Should you have questions - go for it.

Windows 10 / i4930k @4.3Ghz / 32GB RAM / GTX 1080 / 12TB RAID 0 (4 x 3 TB) / Mini Monitor 4K / Eizo CG247x / Mainly working with CDNG 4:1

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