Footage: Miami Fashion Film // Ursa Mini Pro

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Footage: Miami Fashion Film // Ursa Mini Pro

PostThu May 03, 2018 7:11 pm

Hey guys, I directed/shot a fashion film starring the former Victoria's Secret & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Alicia Hall. She's also the founder of the brand. Link is below and some stills are attached. Gear list, recording & upload codec are below as well. Would love to hear any feedback you guys have!

Also, just a small complaint about the H264 codec/vimeo compression -- I found a slight color shift from a reddish dominant hue in the image (particularly the skin tones) to a slight greenish cast that occurred during the export & upload. Not sure if you've found something similar but maybe something to be wary of. Outside of that, I couldn't be happier with the UMP -- so intuitive to operate and produces truly stunning images.

Camera: Ursa Mini Pro
Lens: Sigma Art 50-100mm (mostly shot wide open)
Recorded in ProRes 422 HQ at UHD
Support: Handheld/Shoulder Mount with EasyRig Cinema 3
Export: via Premiere Pro in H264 in Vimeo's 4k codec
Lighting: all natural light that we supplemented with a 4x4 bounce or silver surfer

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