Black Magic Design Speed Test (Mac)

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Black Magic Design Speed Test (Mac)

PostSun Jun 03, 2018 7:31 pm

I know that the Black Magic design speed test utility is free. However, it is quite confusibng to me.

1. Although it has the ability to choose the "Target Drive", there is no display / confirmation of just what drive is being tested. RG:
I have an external Akito Raid drive with 4 1TB hybrid drives connected via Thunderbolt 3. I also have a Transcend SSD drive also connected via thunderbolt 3 to the thunderbolt 3 port on the Akito device.

When selecting the Akito drive I see read / write speeds in the high 300's (MB / sec) and I see just about the same for the SSD drive.

Then, when attempting to select my Mac internal fusion drive, I get an error the the mac drive is read only,

I close the speed test utility, restart it and the start the drive test without selectinbg a drive and I get read and write speeds OVER 3000 MB / sec.


There is no "Current Drive" display !!!

From this I cant make use of this utility that is "So close but so far away" from being usable.

If somebody can get me the code book for deciphering this all it would be great.

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