Interior Set Lighting Workshop with a translight 18th August

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Interior Set Lighting Workshop with a translight 18th August

PostMon Aug 06, 2018 12:49 am

Hi folks

I’m holding a workshop for cinematography set lighting. There are two four hour sessions being held at The Cove studio on Markfield Road, Tottenham, London on Saturday 18th August as part of the Fountayne Road Open Warehouse Day. It's aimed at people who haven't had any or little set lighting experience to come and educate their eyes by trying out things for themselves to see what the results are

A set is being specifically built for the workshop and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn some real set lighting techniques whether for commercials, drama or music videos. We will also have a translight from Rosco to add a bit or reality to the set. So far Arri Lighting, Cirrolite (Dedolight and KinoFlo), Greenkit, Lightpanels, Rosco and Hive have expressed in interest or committed to supplying lighting, so a big thank you to them.

This is being done at a really low cost due to the generosity of the studio owner Malene Oddershede Bach, the lighting sponsors and a number of other people contributing their help for free. As a result each four hour session is only £10!

There is one morning session and one afternoon. Note that one session (afternoon) is women only just to try and get better numbers as women are under catered for in our industry for behind the camera (or light).

Contact me for details or search Eventbrite/Google for.....

Cinematography Workshop - Session 1. Interior Set Lighting, Day&Night

and also....

Women's Cinematography Workshop Session 2. Interior Set Lighting. Day&Night

Jonathon Sendall
DP, London UK

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