Independent audio control for AUX out

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Independent audio control for AUX out

PostFri Sep 14, 2018 9:47 am

Could this be an interesting feature request for BMD ATEMs?

On top of the ATEM television studio HD/PRO HD one-bus existing audio control for the PGM out - could a feature like an independent audio control for AUX out be relevant for other than me?

I am considering the use of the software controller for a dual live output from the ATEM - giving up the preview function: having one operator work the panel for the pgm bus/window and one operator work the software controller for the preview bus/window. I could conduct dual channel streaming for multiple exercises sports live streaming this way.

With existing functionality I get one bus audio - I need the second for this to be dooable.

Whats your thought? (apart from buying a videohub and an additional ATEM).

Best regards
Best regards

Tom Jensen

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