How to make Intensity Pro 4K work on Slackware ?

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How to make Intensity Pro 4K work on Slackware ?

PostWed Dec 19, 2018 9:42 pm

A quick and dirty way to make it work is :

1. grab the rpm package of DesktopVideo (should be smt. like desktopvideo-10.11.4a9.x86_64.rpm)
2. convert it to a .tgz with rpm2tgz
3. install it with package manager (tar -tvf the generated .tgz so you`ll understand what to do btw. )
4. the module drivers` source should be under /usr/src. Get into the directories /usr/src/blackmagic-10.11.4a9 and /usr/src/blackmagic-io-10.11.4a
5. (assuming you have developer tools) type make in both
6. you`ll see modules there (blackmagic.ko, blackmagic-io.ko ,..). Just load the modules manually with insmod.
7. Check /dev/blackmagic folder, it should have device file io there
8. you may want to add it to rc.local or another module initialization section. (if you insist, you may use dkms also but it`s not a slackware approach, at least for me)

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