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Freelance colorist wanted (micro job)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:41 pm
by daxliniere
Hey gals and guys!

I'm pretty decent at still photo grading (Lightroom) and I've started using Resolve to grade a 60-sec promo that a friend shot for me. I've watched some Resolve grading videos and learned a lot, but want to learn faster/more directly.

So I'm writing this post as I'd like to pay someone or trade time (I'm an mixing and mastering engineer) to grade the clip for me, in Resolve, so I can later analyse and learn from it.
Love to hear a recommendation for someone on the forum who might be suitable. ('Suitable' is probably someone who doesn't do this for a living, but is talented at it.)

I can share an export of the ungraded footage, but can't post it due to forum restrictions.

I will deliver the project as a Resolve project file and a single video file, already divided into each scene for easy working. (cross dissolve removed.) Many of the scenes share a common look. The overall feel should be 'juiced up reality'. ;)

Thanks for your time!