DaVinci Resolve is Amazing!

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DaVinci Resolve is Amazing!

PostMon Mar 18, 2019 8:55 pm

Hello! I just wanted to express my satisfaction when using DaVinci Resolve. Right off the bat, it is way better than Adobe's products! Much more smoother to use, looks great and not outdated, and also it doesn't tax your resources. Even the free version of your program feels like the full version of Adobe's counterparts plus more (Minus the HVEC support, which is fine with me. The amount of features you offer for free is amazing, and puts other video editors to shame.).

$299 for the paid version, this great of quality, fully featured and no extra programs needed, and it isn't on a yearly subscription? With all of those factors, that's a no-brainer (I'm sorry if I am repeating what I have said before, but I just can't get over the fact that I don't need multiple programs open at the same time just to add some special effects.).

Another important thing to note is that this editor actually makes use of your GPU!

I know one thing, I am definitely buying the full version once I get my money. I may not need the color correction and other professional features, but I want to support the developers who made this awesome program! It's literally everything you need plus more, and really takes the frustration out of video editing because it WORKS.

Thank you Blackmagic Design, for making such an awesome program! :D

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