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BM has to ask if they are a camera company or a c module one

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:24 am
by Wayne Steven
BM has to ask if they are a camera company or a camera module company. What BM is missing is considering the lens and other needed items as core, rather than the camera as a module in a greater system.

I was just considering if only we had a s35 pocket. I realise it's possible to do super compact prime and zooms to make a filming package similar in size to either pocket with lens attached or even zoom integrated, using modern lens technology. Full manual instant wired control with stops and feedback The camera then can be sealed all whether and fit in a pocket with zoom, and even be suitable for diving. Such all I'm one product is very desirable from a low end point of view, or high end B camera, even an A camera depending on how far the lens technology goes.

People use Alexa because it is a good package and it seems would prefer no other a lot of the time, what I am describing is the next goto package. Once the B camera (lower market A camera) us done, then it would be time for a higher market A camera.

This means controls integrated, or integrated with packed in grips and rail and cage system. This means mount points integrated in the camera body instead of needing a cage (the pack in cage being just a bigger version). Where people wait for their package to come like like it's fairy gloss at the state fair and they are kids. Stuff that makes it the choice to buy. Like fairy floss, the packed in items cost very little to make, and the lens far cheaper to pack on thrn buy a lens set. For $1500-2000 you get $4000 worth of functionality. The commodore 64 of the pro camera world.