video archiving/library

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video archiving/library

PostTue Sep 03, 2019 5:28 am

Hi - I work in video production for a medium sized university in New Zealand. I've been the lone video production person for a decade or so, but suddenly we are a team of three, with another employee making just marketing video.
I've got a back-catalogue of hundreds of videos. And we're making more at a reasonable rate. We're looking for a way to systematically catalogue our output. I envisage a reasonable quality mp4 of each final video, with metadata (ideally) attached. Plus I'l like to also have a stock-footage catalogue - could be mp4 but maybe something chunkier.
Ideally we want something that is also streamable, so people could search for and watch content - although the archiving and delivery services could be separate, it would be ideal if they could be combined - or at least linked.
Looking for advice or recommendations from anyone else - working for an institution, or just solo. How do you organise, store, utilise, and optimize what you've made?

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Re: video archiving/library

PostWed Sep 04, 2019 1:14 am

Hi Rob, I have worked with archiving videos to Azure using StoreSimple storage and streaming using IIS.
I have an automated process that publishes a link to the video in SharePoint using network folder name as one piece of metadata and user can add more to SharePoint item. Video plays inside SharePoint (including 365)
Have used this for drone vodeos and cctv inspection videos at NZ customers.
Happy to discuss further.

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