UltraStudio 4K Mini 4k/UHD SDI connection

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UltraStudio 4K Mini 4k/UHD SDI connection

PostFri Jan 24, 2020 10:35 pm

Hello, I'm having trouble connecting my UltraStudio 4K Mini to a 4K monitor, it has 4 SDI connections, so I was using QUAD link before, with another 4K card. I see on the back that there are 2 SDI marked for video out, but I'm not sure which are the other 2 for QUAD link, so I tried to get DUAL link output with only 2 SDI cables, but the monitor is not showing 4K.

So, my question is, which SDI connectors work for QUAD link 4K output? I/ve tried all combinations of course, without luck.


Gary Adams

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Re: UltraStudio 4K Mini 4k/UHD SDI connection

PostSat Jan 25, 2020 5:14 am

The Ultrastudio 4K Mini is a single 12 G out. It is not a quad link device. You can output 4K on one output. If your monitor is a quad device you can use the SDI to Quad converter to make the 4 Signals.

Regards. Gary
Gary Adams
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