H.264 pro recorder device not working2

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H.264 pro recorder device not working2

PostSat Feb 01, 2020 7:40 am

I have the same problem with the one posed earlier(viewtopic.php?f=18&t=87062&p=484932&hilit=H.264+pro+recorder#p484500).
I was already using BMD intensity shuttle USB 3.0 on my desktop computer.
So, I don't have trouble with the installment of the software, that's Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Windows_11.4.1
But, now I bought another device, that's H.264 pro recorder lately.

Once I plugged in, I think the device set up was automatically done, and there was no problem under "Sound, video and game controller" menu in device manager of Win10.

But, I can't see H.264 device in Desktop Video Setup, and it says: "No desktop video device detected." (pic.2)
So, I read the forum, and checked task manager, and Startup softwares under it to check "Blackmagic software updater" is in the active mode.(pic.3)
The letters in a circle means "Active"
And it's not active under Device tab in Media Express S/W.(pic.4)

The only thing I diaobey the reqiurement is that I didn't use UBS 3.0 cable/connector that it says on the Desktop Video Setup menu(pic.2).
So, please help me with this matter
Do I have to use USB3.0 cable or connector because the Blackmagic_Desktop_Video version is 11.4.1?

Or course, the Media Express does not taking any video/audio captures from the source(HDMI, Composite, or whatever).
I use Windows 10.

There's no pic.1. I uploaded pic.4 due to its regulation of 4 pictures maximum at once.
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