Decklink Duo 2, understanding setup

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Decklink Duo 2, understanding setup

PostWed Feb 05, 2020 12:03 am

I have the a decklink duo 2 in a thunderbolt 3 pci expansion chasis to my mac.
I see "Deckling Duo (1)", ...(2),...3 and 4 in the "Desktop Video Setup"

First Question) Can I manually set each card as an input or an output? I don't see how it get actually set as in or out? Does the software that I use have the ability to set in/out on the fly? I want all outputs.

second) When I go to "Connectors" and set them to a single SDI card 3 get SDI 2 and vise versa. > picture
*I'm doing this because I want 4 unique outputs from Propresenter 7.


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