Intensy per 4K / 5.1 sounds (Dolby Digitally plus) no admiss

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Intensy per 4K / 5.1 sounds (Dolby Digitally plus) no admiss

PostTue Feb 11, 2020 8:21 am

Hello, together,
I have the Intensy per 4K Pcie map since 2 months and am hard enthusiastically from the picture a quality but, unfortunately I am able only in In stereo record.
I haber it tries express train, OBS, Adobe premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Virtualdub 2 and FFmpeg by Console.
With all programmes everything is about In stereo either one by going groan, or the tone sounds very much computer 6 bits Atari moderately.
I have installed all topical drivers and versions.
Also this pass on of the audio at the end of to my sound card brought up to now nobody occur.
Today I get one more Pcie Soundcard and hope this my sound problem then solvably, however, is I make to myself there, to tell the truth, not so much hope.
In The operating instructions documented is nicely like one the sound one and can change, only I have in the settings these functions :(.
Under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS exactly ace is the same problem, am slowly really helpless.
This is the funny one 5.1-7-1 sounds OK is to a resolution of 1080p and 50 hertz if I on 1080p 60 hertz change the sound is again only in the groan.

The sound level recorder also knocks out without I something totally passes the ball what does this lie then only with?.

greetz Ben

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