Nikon Z6: Blackmagic Video Assist 5” 12G HDR or Ninja V

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Nikon Z6: Blackmagic Video Assist 5” 12G HDR or Ninja V

PostTue Feb 11, 2020 11:15 pm

I am in a real quandary having just purchased a Nikon Z6 and needing a new monitor/recorder. I also own a BMPCC4K, BMMCC, BMPCC, and Nikon d750. At a minimum on the Z6, I need to record Nikon n-log but of course want RAW in some flavor, preferably BRAW as Davinci Resolve, my editing color software of choice, does not support ProRes RAW currently. I already own a Ninja Flame for my d750 and really would not like to buy another Atomos product just to get ProRes Raw which I can't edit in my NLE of choice, at least currently. I hope Blackmagic can help us Z6 owners in some fashion by either supporting ProRes Raw in Resolve or giving us BRAW over the Z6's HDMI into the 5" Video Assist HDR, the latter much preferred. Can someone at BMD please chime in and at least let us know if it is technically possible to someday record BRAW from the Nikon Z6's HDMI into the new VA HDR products? If you gave me some kind of hope, a ;) , or "I think the 5" VA HDR would be a wise investment in this regard", I would purchase a 5" VA HDR today and record n-log with at least the real hope of future BRAW recording into the VA. Thanks!

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