Can't find Docs or support I need.

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Can't find Docs or support I need.

PostSat Sep 22, 2012 8:53 pm

I just bought a mini converter SDI-Analog. All I need is the audio from it. It says to download the manual but you have to pick a computer OS. I'm not using this on a computer. I thought it was a standalone product to convert SDI to Analog! Anyway I chose Mac and then got to proceed to the so-called manual. It's really just a colorful brochure about the miniconverters and how to access them via your computer. I'm not using a computer. I also have to select "SDI audio de-embed bit,0, bit 1, or bit 2." Where's any explanation of how to chose which one. No manual. I want AES audio. You apparently get the aes stereo out of one phone jack. What is the wiring convention for getting stereo AES out of its one 1/4in jack, I guess it's TRS, and going to an xlr aes input jack. Once again no manual. I really don't have time to spend an afternoon trying every possible dip switch combination and then every possible patch cord combination to try and get this to work. First I'll have to take it apart to see if I can tell how they wire the output 1/4 phone plug for AES. Did I mention there's no manual! Then dip switch 1 says on the box, "Toggle processing switch to step through down converter mode." It would sure be nice to have a manual to give me some detail on what these modes are. I recently bought a videohub and found the same problem. All the docs were mainly for the big brothers of my little 16x16 unit. There was practically no help at all explaining how it worked or how to hook it up. I spent a full hour holding for tech support (becuase there was no info in the manual useable for my unit) and then got a guy who said, "Well, internet connections are not really my strong point." I'm really disappointed that BM cares more about how flashy their graphics look than explaining how to properly hook up and use their products. I'm also sorry I had to waste 30 minutes writing this message. It shouldn't have been necessary.


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Re: Can't find Docs or support I need.

PostSun Sep 23, 2012 10:12 am

I agree, most of manuals don't give much detail as i liked to. But i have good local provider who helped me out.

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