Teranex Questions

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Teranex Questions

PostTue Sep 25, 2012 1:02 am

We have a 3RU box with 3 processing boards, how will the new teranex models compare for upscaling and conversion? Will the quality be identical or are there going to be differences?

Also, what comb filter is in the Teranex for composite video sources? It is 5 line/adaptive?

We have a need to take composite video in NTSC interlaced format (from a 24fps film source original), deinterlace it back to the original 24fps progressive and capture that to the Mac via thunderbolt.
Is that possible with the new units?
Are units going to be available to eval for a day or two from dealers? We need to know that it can lock on the sometimes jittery cadence changes in the video at cut points, as currently we have to do this manually and the teranex would pay for itself if it got it right first time, every time. But it would be a no-go if it can't lock onto it fairly reliably.



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